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Crafting Inventory

The 5x5 Crafting Inventory. Notice the player has 'Sleeping Bag' selected resulting in some squares becoming highlighted.

Crafting is the method by which many blocks, tools, weapons, materials and various other items are made in 7 Days  to Die. In order to craft something, players must move items from their inventory to a crafting grid. The crafting grid (refer to image) consists of a 5x5 grid section, an output section and a recipe column.

The crafting grid can be accessed by pressing the inventory button (default i).

Most recipes in 7 Days to Die require a specific layout of materials in the grid however a few recipes don't, such as wooden planks or plywood. In the first image a 3x2 highlighted area can be see within the 5x5 grid. This is a guide for the recipe selected from the right hand recipe column, which in this case is the sleeping bag. In order to craft a sleeping bag 6 cloth 'fragments' must be arranged in this order, however note that the 3x2 area is simply a guidance and a sleeping bag could be crafted anywhere on the grid so long as the pattern is correct. Another feature of the 7 Days to Die crafting system is auto-craft.

Auto-craft can be seen available (auto-craft is only available for recipes that have been used previously by the player) in the first image (the green highlighted word 'stick') which can be pressed multiple times to craft any desired amount of sticks (so long as the resources are available in your inventory). This consumes resources without the player having to place the materials manually within the crafting gird. This feature is most useful when crafting large amount of items, such as sticks, or when complex recipes are needed but time might not allow for a long stop.

Crafting RecipiesEdit

Name Required Materials Input » Output Uses / Comments
Plywood Wood Plywood is a common crafting material used in many different recipes. Plywood can be crafted from any base tree wood.


Boarded Windows

Wood Farm Fence

Storage Chests

Wooden Doors

Plywood Sticks are used in the creation of many tools, as well as sharpend sticks used in the creation of spikes.
Sharpened Sticks Sticks Sharpened sticks are used in the creation of spikes.
Spikes Sharpened Sticks Spikes are traps placeable on the floor and take up 1x1x1 space. They are most often used as anti-zombie fortifications however they can be used effectively against players aswell.
Ladders Sticks

Quarter Filled Stairs

Thin Planks

Wood Power Pole Segment

Wood Planks

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